Word of the Week: Peace

Ironically, “peace” is a confusing concept Biblically.

Without any word study at all we observe that Christ at once claims He did not come to bring peace (Matthew 10:34) and at the same time Christ claims He is our peace (Eph 2:14.)

The definition of peace clarifies, citing that peace is:

  • A sense of welfare
  • Being undisturbed
  • Wholeness

When Jesus works, donning a sword, He disturbs our wrong perspectives. He exposes the incomplete pieces of our lives as we try to piece it all together for ourselves.

Peace, on our terms, is all about effort. Striving to maintain welfare, fighting to be undisturbed, and clinging to pieces we want to fit together.

Peace, on our terms, is anything but peaceful.

That’s the kind of peace Jesus didn’t bring.

The kind He did?

When we turn to Jesus as our source of peace, He establishes us without the peace-depleting, stressful effort on our part.

Our welfare is secure as we find our refuge and strength in Him. In Christ, nothing can disturb the connection with God He guarantees. We are in progress, yet simultaneously complete because He is working in us and promises to bring us to completion ultimately.

With Jesus, there is no lack, disturbance, or threat we need fear. We can be at peace because of who He is and whose we are.

Christ’s peace is so much more peaceful than peace on our terms!

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8 thoughts on “Word of the Week: Peace

  1. Dianne Thornton

    Great word, Bethany! I especially love “Peace, on our terms, is anything but peaceful.” … how many times do I try to find peace elsewhere and end up full of anxiety. But HE – HIMSELF is peace. Blessings to you today!

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  2. Becky

    Oh, how I long for that Peace. Real peace from Him. Not the kind I manufacture and try to pass off as the real thing. Thank you for reminding me what my heart really longs for!

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  3. I love how you explained this, Bethany. What a blessing! It never feels good when the teachings of Jesus goes against the fleshly side of us. I think often, of late, about how He said He did not come to be ministered to, but to minister. He, the King of Kings, was willing to serve the lowliest, and I think why should I think I deserve to do less? He is so faithful to teach us what we need to know…I am so grateful for His peace…the kind that passes all understanding. Thank you for this post, for all of your posts, sweet friend. And, thank you for the sweet encouragement you left on my blog today. It truly meant SO much!

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