Equally Yoked Friendship

Ever participated in a three-legged race? Your leg is bound to a partner’s. Then, you’re supposed to run, together, to a destination.

I remember the terror of participating in this sort of for-bystanders’-amusement-only activity. The image in my mind is fresh: I was looking up at someone I didn’t know, who appeared larger than life, as they exclaimed “hang on!” Then I tasted dirt. My partner’s frustration at my lack of coordination and pace was all the more bitter to swallow.

I’ve been the friend unequally-yoked, dragged along by someone headed somewhere emphatically I wasn’t interested in or equipped to go to.

But I’ve also been the friend marching ahead, feeling as if I’m hauling dead weight…

Read the rest over at Becky’s My Ink Dance Blog.

I’m honored to be sharing words on her beautiful site!


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7 thoughts on “Equally Yoked Friendship

    1. Julie, I’ll pray for you and your friend! It’s tough to be discerning, loving, and righteous in unequally-yoked relationships. Praying the Lord shows you clearly how to navigate the friendship you have in mind and comforts you if it proves unsustainable.


  1. I have a good memory of doing the 3-legged race. I ran it with my sister who was only 17 months younger than I. We practiced at home for the Awana games, and we actually got pretty good at it. I can see how it could have been scary being the small one with an impatient big person, though. Sorry you had to go through that.
    I like what you said about how love being what binds us together will create a deeper friendship. Love is definitely what we need to help us work together at a goal in unity.

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    1. What a fun memory! Do you and your sister still practice? : ) Haha. I have had positive 3-legged experiences (and real life friendships too!!) The negative one has just been an important illustration to me as I bind to people and run this race with them! Thanks for sharing and encouraging me today!

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