Untangled in Love

I never thought I’d be one for mushy stuff. Anyone who’s heard my commentary during chick flicks knows I’m not a romantic.

But there’s this guy.

The one I moved seats to be near the first day of class. The one whose shenanigans had my head and finger wagging from the start. The one who asked me to date him after I spent hours telling him every reason not to love me. The one who led me to my Savior.

His eyes were fixed on Christ even as he took my hand in his. I thank the Lord he has little regard for any other sight.

During more than 6 years of knowing each other now, I’ve witnessed a faith-skill of his I pray the Lord helps me hone as my own.

He’s an expert disentangler.

Ironically, this only applies spiritually. When it comes to being entangled physically, he’s got a knack for being wound up in cords, having limbs stuck in furniture, nearly strangling himself with ties, and being unable to remove himself from places he climbs into (AKA…dryers.) Some evidence:



Spiritually, though, my husband is quick and nimble to:

“throw off everything that hinders and the sin that so easily entangles.” –Hebrews 12:1

What I’ve noticed most in his way of staying free and ready to obey the Lord is an attention to who He is serving. 2 Timothy 2:26 warns of being enticed into entanglement in the enemy’s snare. The verse says our enemy captures us for the purpose of having us do his will.

We are never entangled in sin for the purpose of serving God.

So, when we are entangled, we’re serving the will of the enemy.  It might be through self-serving or through people-pleasing. We may be money-driven or fear-abiding. Whatever the case, when we’re entangled, we’re not fixed on the purposes of Christ.

This is one of the ways my husband’s “black and white” thinking helps.


He isn’t easily entangled because His eyes are fixed on Christ intently. He notices when he is looking at someone else. He notices when what he’s doing isn’t serving the Lord.

And when he notices, he turns from the dark to the light. He shifts his eyes to Christ. He throws off whatever is bidding him to pay attention to or serve anything else. Whatever it is, it’s not worth missing out on beholding the Lord.

I’m blessed when he helps with my writing because I know he won’t fail to point out words that hinder instead of help the gospel. As I analyze, assess, and plan in life I am grateful to have by my side someone with foresight and discretion regarding the Lord’s will.

Among the most precious aspects of our marriage is my husband’s habit of getting my attention to direct me to Our Lord -who has his attention.

He hates to be entangled, and he hates to see me tied in knots too.

Praying this Valentine’s Day you and your loved ones can help each other disentangle to fix your eyes on the One who matters most.

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27 thoughts on “Untangled in Love

  1. What a great love story! Sometimes the mushy ones only last as long as “those feelings” are there. We all know that life has it’s ups and downs and we can’t live in the clouds all the time. I’m not even sure we should want to. But love that’s built on the Rock is the kind that lasts! Thanks for sharing with all of us. Blessings!

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  2. My husband led me to Christ too – that was over 22 years ago! So grateful for a man’s ability to put everything in it’s right compartment and not get it all mixed up. So glad to be your neighbor at #heartencouragementthursday

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  3. My husband is a black and white thinker as well. I don’t always appreciate it, but there are definitely wonderful qualities about it too! Thanks for sharing how important it is when it comes to sticking with God’s truths. I definitely benefit from that. Thanks, Bethany.

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  4. I love that you have a husband who is pointing you toward Christ Bethany! My husband does this for me daily and he is such a treasure. You have a rare gift in your hubs and his love for you and for Jesus, treasure that and celebrate it! Rejoice that someone loves you so much that he helps redirect you toward what matters! What a great testimony to your man on Valentines week. LOVE! xoxo

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  5. “He isn’t easily entangled because His eyes are fixed on Christ intently. ” If we could always remember to keep our eyes on Christ, we eliminate a lot of worry. Thanks for sharing and I pray that we and our loved ones may always help each other to remember to look to Jesus.

    Blessings to you! I’m your neighbor at #MomentsofHope this week.

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