Guest Posting Open

Guest Posting Open

for the

Idolizing Knowledge Series

(If you want to submit a guest post but not for this series, shoot me a message on the connect page!)


The Topic:

The error of idolizing knowledge and the benefit of leaning on God’s knowledge.

But knowledge puffs up while love builds up..png

The Purpose:

To highlight ways gaining knowledge tempts us away from trusting fully in God.  For example, how feeling the need to know every detail of a plan distracts us from relying on the Lord as His plan unfolds.

The Guest Post Directory:

On March 27th, I will post a directory linking to guest posts on this topic. My prayer is that we all, in skimming the list-like directory, find and visit others’ posts that deal with our form of knowledge idolatry specifically.

The Basic rules:

What I’ll need from you by March 15th

  • An on-topic blog post (can be previously posted)
  • Your blog URL

What you’ll need to do on March 27th 

  • Hit your “publish button” to make your post live
  • Include a brief statement in your post about the directory (with the URL I will send you) to direct people to the directory where they can see others’ posts on the topic
Please note: I will publish the directory late at night on March 26th. If your link isn't live at the exact same time, no worries. I will link to your homepage until it is.

To Submit:

Type “Idolizing Knowledge” at the top of the form. Submit your post and URL by March 15th here:

For an example of what a directory looks like, see here.